About Us

Our history

Neil Skilbeck learned some very important muscle techniques from Tom Bowen in the late 1970’s. Experimenting with various approaches in clinical practice over the years, Neil was persuaded by others to teach Tom’s work in 1997 in Rockhampton, Queensland. Two years later he was able to obtain the approval for the first ever Bowen styled accredited course in Australia. Neil started training people interstate and called his business “The Bowen Approach”. In 2001 after formulating the Myopractic or Musculoskeletal Therapy system of tactile therapy he formed a company called the “Australian College of Myopractic”

In 2009, the company changed its name to “The Academy of Integrated Therapies” and Neil’s main course is now called Bowen therapy, which more appropriately portrays the integration that has taken place between the bones and muscles.

In 2012 it was decided to apply the principle of integration to various tactile courses of study and bind together Massage, Bowen and Musculoskeletal Therapy into one course.

Our mission

We aim to spread the advantages of the principles of wholism and integration and with it, the superior assessment and treatment methods these concepts provide.

Our vision

This is to develop a large Academy that trains people both on site as well as via virtual class rooms within Australia. Once securely established in body therapies we anticipate enlarging our range of courses to include other natural modalities and lifestyle models. Our ultimate vision is through our principles to create a model of a healthy life, free from all diseases and pains.

Core values

Most people are raised up in our society to be dependent on the “experts” and various organisations to solve all on their health issues. We become dependant on these people learning very little about our body and what part we can play in the restorative or maintenance process. All we need to know is when to take the little pink pill etc.

We believe that rather than becoming dependent people should be schooled in how to become independent of the various systems that tend to enslave them. Our core value then is in passing on knowledge to as many people as possible so that they will be set free and become empowered to live a healthier and fulfilling life.

Meet the team

Neil and Jeany Skilbeck are a husband and wife team – they are the owners of the Academy and provide the main driving force behind its operation and direction. Together we are there to assist you with your enquiries and your requirements.

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