Massage,Bowen and Myotherapy Courses | School in Brisbane

We know that you are seeking the best knowledge available today in body therapy because you don’t want just average results with your clients; your plan is to be the very best. For this to happen, you need multiple tools of bio-mechanical and neurological diagnosis and the state of the art treatment techniques. To this end we have integrated many body therapy aspects together in our nationally recognised courses.

The Academy of Integrated Therapies is located in Brisbane, Southeast Queensland, Australia. Our courses are nationally recognised and can be taken singularly or combined together for cost savings, time efficiency and increased skill level.

After being in the body therapy industry for more than 40 years Neil Skilbeck one of the directors of the Academy knows what practitioners want:

  • Quick and reliable diagnostic tools to find out precisely what the problem is.
  • Treatment techniques that follow the saying “Working smarter and not harder
  • Results that appear at times to be working just like magic

We offer Myopractic licences for practitioners who meet the special requirements that we have set up.

Our aim is to educate practitioners of various modalities via our regular CPE workshops and to make the general public aware of our unique brand of AOIT Myopractic.

Work like magic on your clients

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