Thanks for a great presentation Neil

Rebecca Turner

Thanks for the course I have enjoyed it

Lynne Field

Thank you Neil as always, it was informative and I would love to learn more

Paula Hall

Hi Neil, Thanks for an awesome course – jam-packed with lots of info, that I will spend some time reading through

Leah Foley

It was interesting to participate in the webinars, quite a commitment over the 4 weeks, I am pleased to have had the opportunity to do this course/subject

Fran Bullen

Why do I recommend this modality? Simply because it works! What else can I say - as a Client I loved it so much I decided to become a Practitioner and am now able to assist my Clients in the resolution of many of their health issues.

At different times, I had experienced chronic "bad back", frozen shoulder, sciatica, tennis and golfers elbow and regular headaches as well as ongoing constipation. (If I was a horse .....) But I can honestly say that my health issues began to improve from the very first Myopractic treatment.

I had tried Chiropractic, Physio, Acupuncture and Deep Tissue. While the Chiro generally provided immediate relief, I needed frequent treatment to keep myself afloat. Additionally I couldn't understand why my body was continually failing me. Then I found Myopractic and the rest is history.

The Myopractic training has been renamed Musculoskeletal Therapy and partnered with Bowen and Massage to provide a comprehensive integrated toolset enabling Practitioners to assist Clients successfully.

I have since "retired" from my full time job and run a rewarding clinic only a few days per week. The joy I receive from successfully resolving health issues for my Clients is greater than what I received in my previous full time career. I'd even go so far as to say that the joy even outweighs monetary considerations!

I do not advertise at all, and rely purely on "word of mouth" referrals from satisfied Clients. I enjoy the work I do, and agree with Rosemary that it is truly a wonderful way to make a living. I recommend training with the Academy of Integrated Therapies. Its unique approach provides understanding, which is the key to successful integration.

Rhys Jones lives in Sandgate Qld and operates Sandgate Myopractic.

Rhys Jones

I can certainly recommend the Myopractic modality as one that really works. I had heard how successful many practitioners had become when they used this method on their clients, so decided to do the course- 7 years ago.
The course incorporates a full range of subjects including Myopractic, Bowen, Massage and Nutrition and gets to the core of most body problems by testing, analysing and identifying the muscle & bone structure and position or mis-alignment. These problems are worked on, giving much relief to the client.Exercises are also given to enhance the healing. I believe it is one of the most logical and thorough courses around.

Since doing the course, my business has grown from a part time one (where I used to teach) to a very busy full time one. I work at two Natural Therapy Clinics plus from my home clinic. Clients come from far and wide and mostly ‘‘word of mouth’’ – I do not usually advertise.

I try to portray a professional image with the same ‘’branding on business cards, brochures, signs and uniforms. I do use a variety of methods on my clients, depending on their problem and treat them with care and respect.

I love the work I do and enjoy seeing the relief and benefits that my clients get. It is a wonderful way to make a living!
Rosemary Bambrook lives near Ballina N.S.W and operates Amber Massage, Myopractic & Day Spa.

Rosemary Bambrook

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